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“I love mysteries!”

AUTHOR Lorraine Evanoff has been compared to James Patterson and, according to one reviewer, “I find that women writers do emotions and relationships better than men, while men are great at plot, action, and suspense. Lorraine Evanoff excels at all aspects of writing.”
Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

4 years oldWhen she was four, Lorraine knew she would be a businesswoman living in her own elegant “downtown apartment” like Mary Tyler Moore. Being the third of six kids to very young parents, manual labor was valued over education. Her family also dabbled in painting and music, a true bohemian household. So to pay for high school and college Lorraine waitressed, modeled, and did any other work to pay tuition towards her degree in French.

After college she lived in Paris for seven years working as an English teacher and translator of films for subtitles, which led to starting a film company. She produced and starred in two movies that were in Official Competition in the Cannes Film Festival then moved to Los Angeles to open an office. She left showbiz, moved to Silicon Valley and started from scratch passing her accounting certification exams and working in finance for ten years eventually returning to “the biz” as CFO National Lampoon.

Coming full circle, she found where her true bohemian interests lie, writing. While trying her hand as a screenwriter (with a script currently in development) she also spent four years completing the first book in her Louise Moscow Novel series, which has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Next goal, making the bestseller list.


‘Foliage: An International Banking Spy Thriller’ was chosen as the solo “Medalist Winner” in the Historical Fiction category by 2016 New Apple Annual Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing!

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“Shelf Unbound is proud to honor “Foliage” by Lorraine Evanoff in its 2016 Best Indie Books Top 100 Notables Contest.”



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First Rate Financial Thriller, this is an exciting novel written in the “Stephen Frey” class of thrillers. It is refreshing to have a female protagonist who is intuitive and intelligent. I can’t wait for the next Louise Moscow adventure”

“Part history lesson, part romantic potboiler, author Lorraine Evanoff introduces a new hero for our times – the unflappable Louise Moscow – in her first mystery novel, “Foliage.” The title refers to a code word, and intrigue is on the menu in this unusual adventure involving…wait for it…international banking. Set in the early 1990s, Evanoff combines the underhanded tactics of the real Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) and Moscow’s penchant for always landing in the most exotic locations and situations.”
– Patrick McDonald, Film Critic

“Great writing, quality story, and of a quality of writing as well as James Patterson’s Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. Wonderful character development, nice surprises in plots and informative as far as the banking systems is concerned. I am very impressed. Excellent read.”
C D’Artagnan

“Wow! Just, wow! That’s exactly what I thought when I read the last words of Foliage: An International Banking Spy Thriller by debut author Lorraine Evanoff. This book was fun, exciting and a roller-coaster ride of a read pretty much from the very first page.”
Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

“Very Timely! Ms. Evanoff has written an incredibly timely book, especially given the release of the Panama Papers and the exposure of corruption within the banking and financial services industries. The book is a wonderful combination of non-fiction and fiction, with a heroine who is smart, beautiful, spiritual and complex. The book, which is well researched (and even has footnotes), is obviously written by someone who knows what she’s writing about. It exposes how money moves around the world, who controls it, and how far governments, world leaders, corporations, and the banking industry will go to get their percentage, even if it’s illegal. He who controls the money… controls everything. It’s a sober reminder that common people, like most of us, are merely ATM machines for those who will go to any length to accumulate wealth and power. We really are naive about how money works in the world! Looking forward to the next adventure.”
Simon Levy, Director, Writer, Producer, Fountain Theatre, Los Angeles

“I find that women writers do emotions and relationships better than men, while men are great at plot, action, and suspense. Lorraine Evanoff excels at all aspects of writing. In Foliage: An International Banking Spy Thriller, the characters are well rounded, the action is crisp and realistic, and the plot is very believable and moves along at a sharp crisp pace. I found her portrayal of an American living and moving in international circles very accurate, and I have never read a better description of the jet setting lifestyle. But the thing I like most about Foliage is Louise Moscow. I even like her name. I was not really expecting a woman to be the heroine at the center of an international banking conspiracy. I don’t know why it was such a surprise, but it was a surprise, and it turned out to be a pleasant one…”
Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

Excerpt 1EXCERPT #1

As she descended, the temperature changed markedly. At the bottom, she found the first signs of the bones of six million people that had been stacked up against the two thousand seven hundred feet of Catacomb walls. The juxtaposition of the ancient bones and architecture with scattered graffiti of philosophical sayings and quotations on the walls was striking. The aura was sacred, somber, and spooky. There were bandits hiding out in corners, as well as people hosting parties in the “unofficial” sections. Louise hurried past them, trying to go unnoticed, keeping the flashlight beam low to the ground.

The flashlight and the intermittent candles were all that lit her path. Her eyes adjusted, providing clearer focus on the walls and corridors. She searched for any sign of a lotus flower or any other symbolic meaning for lotus. She read graffiti and plaques but found no lotus. She seemed to walk for more than a mile, possibly in circles. As she hurried along, a rock jutting up from the dirt and stone floor sent her stumbling down to her hands and knees.

Her flashlight escaped her grip, clanked, and rolled to a stop about ten feet in front of her. The beam was all she could see in the inky darkness. Now, being on her hands and knees provided a new perspective. She crawled toward the light beam, which faced the bottom of the wall on her right and illuminated an engraving. Louise recognized it as the Om Mani Padme Hum, or Hail the Jewel in the Lotus, a twelfth-century Buddhist Sanskrit mantra, meaning the lotus of whose navel forms our universe.

Lorraine Evanoff, Foliage: An International Banking Spy Thriller


In the United States, the size of the underground economy in the 1980s was estimated to be $350 billion to $500 billion a year, equivalent to more than 10 percent of the U.S. gross national product. That represented $100 billion or more in lost tax revenue for the U.S. government. Economists at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund estimated that a similar 10 percent of the Western European economy and 70 percent to 80 percent of the economies of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe were “black.” Most of the money was completely untraceable.

To illustrate how completely off in the stratosphere and beyond the purview of anyone all of this activity is, one need only consult the Balance of Payments tables. These tables track global deficits and surpluses—a minus in the U.S. balance sheet is matched by a plus in the Japanese ledger, and so forth. By definition, the world must be in balance with itself. Yet from being approximately in balance in the early 1970s, an inexplicable black hole deficit of $20 billion had developed by 1978, and in 1982 the deficit hit $110 billion…

Lorraine Evanoff – Foliage: An International Banking Spy Thriller


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This international banking novel set in late 1980s Paris has it all: corruption, mystery and romance. Foliage: An International Banking Spy Thriller is the story of an ingenious third-world entrepreneur and the daring woman who exposes dark money of the #PanamaPapers.