Foliage: An International Banking Spy Thriller

“Money is the root of all evil,” and Lorraine Evanoff’s novel, Foliage: An International Banking Spy Thriller sprouts many corrupt roots. Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) hires Louise Moscow, a brilliant investment banker to work at their Paris branch. She has a knack for wooing rich clientele and enjoys the lavish lifestyle that accompanies the job. Louise begins to notice discrepancies in the bank’s finances and other illicit activities. Michael, an FBI agent, and Vlad, a CIA operative, both intimidate her to gather evidence against BCCI. When her best friend and co-worker is murdered, Louise knows her life is threatened, but is uncertain which agent she can trust to get her out of the escalating danger of which she is unwittingly a part.
Code word: FOLIAGE!

“Finally an intelligent romantic spy thriller! Lorraine Evanoff’s new book, Foliage: An International Spy Thriller in exchange for an honest review. It starts off fast and keeps you hooked.”Nelle L’Amour, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

“A deft mix of spy thriller and romance set against a backdrop of real events. Set in New York and Paris, Evanoff weaves in historical details with her fast paced thriller making this a riveting and educating read.”Robina Gibb, LA-based writer and journalist

“I enjoyed the intensity and all the twists. Great writing, quality story, and of a quality of writing as well as James Patterson’s Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider.”C D’Artagnan Amazon Review


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This international banking novel set in late 1980s Paris has it all: corruption, mystery and romance. Foliage: An International Banking Spy Thriller is the story of an ingenious third-world entrepreneur and the daring woman who exposes dark money of the #PanamaPapers.

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